Alisa Barsegyan

Alisa and Eerren met in high school where they connected because of their passion for art. They both went to a private art school on their off time. Alisa remembers bonding over their art practice in their high school ceramics studio, making sculptures, laughing and building what they found out later to be a lifelong friendship.
After graduation, they both moved on to continue their studies in the field of art. Alisa’s journey first placed her at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) where she received a BA in Fine Art with an emphasis in drawing and painting. From there, she found her way to Azusa Pacific University, where she focused deeper into the study of art and honed in on her drawing and painting skills, as well as Theory and Criticism.
Upon graduating with her MFA, she presented a solo exhibition titled “Seeds of a Pomegranate” and a thesis titled “Localizing and Experience: who is this “we?” Once MFA in hand, Alisa was extended a position as an adjunct professor for the department of Art and Design at APU, which started her path as an educator.
Ten years later, Alisa and Eerren reconnected and she was offered a position to teach at Modest Fly Art Studio Gallery and that is when this new journey began for her.
“Modest Fly Art has become my home, because Eerren has made it so. As educators we work to pass our passion for art onto each and every student that walks through our doors. We strive for excellence with what we teach and hope that our students benefit from our efforts.

Lilia Davoodian

Lilia is an Armenian artist born in Tehran, Iran. After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Art from an Art Academy in Iran, Lilia moved to Armenia to continue her education. She studied with some of the best professors at the Academy of Fine Art in Yerevan, Armenia. There she found her unique voice, while receiving an MA in illustration. Upon receiving her Masters, she moved back to Iran where she began working as a Senior Illustrator. She illustrated children’s books for Nardeban Books, a publishing company in Tehran. At the same time, she was working as an interior designer for Different Designs, another company based in Tehran. With one hat, Lili juggled the world of children and, with the other, she worked on redesigning cafes and shopping centers for clients. Always wanting to experience and learn new things, she moved to the United States. She, now, resides and works in California.

“My art takes a critical view on social and cultural issues. Inspired by vibrant hues and exotic textures, my abstract figurative forms depict human nature and the nature of women. I focus on the
differences between Eastern and Western cultures, and I challenge the boundaries between tradition and modernity.  I believe that my role as a teacher at Modest Fly Art Studio Gallery is to help spread my artistic knowledge and pave a way for our students to come into their own and create what is unique to them and only them.”
- Lilia Davoodian

Sofia Kazorian:

A previous student at Modest Fly Art, Ms. Sofia enjoyed being a student so much, she was hired to work at the studio. As an assistant instructor, she is now in charge of the daily works at Modest Fly Art and her assignment in the studio revolves around daily tasks and keeping the studio at its highest presentable state.

Collette Vartanians:
Ms. Collette began working at Modest Fly Art recently, in just the last few months. She has jumped into our little haven of art and creativity and she has fit in like the perfect piece to the puzzle. With training added to her skills as an artist, she is able to instruct fundamental teachings and keep the organization and flow of the studio moving ahead. We are happy to have Ms. Collette on our team and expect greatness from her.

Our Staff

Mari Megerdechyan:
Ms. Mari’s interest in art began at a very young age. At age 11, Mari used art as an outlet. She began sketching and later expanded her mediums to include charcoal, ink, and acrylic. In 2013, Mari won first place in the Armenian Allied Association Contest. She painted a nude woman on a red horse illustrating her vulnerability as well as her strength. She continues to create new personal works while teaching at Modest Fly Art. She has used her passion to inspire the students she teaches and hopes to show them that art is not just a hobby, but a great source of comfort.

Arlin Mahmoodian:
Ms. Arlin works to develop paintings that reflect on what does not exist. She is not only an artist, but a car enthusiast. This is what inspires her to create new car designs, along with rendering ones that already exist. She works with different mediums in a variety of ways but her main medium and focus is markers, pencils, and acrylic paints. She loves to create work that connects with her at a deeper level. Whether it is a random sketch or a favorite car drawing, creating and communicating ideas through different mediums makes life joyful.