ABOUT Modest Fly Art Gallery

The Founder - Eerren is the founder of Modest Fly Art Gallery. She is an artist and runs Modest Fly Art's studio space, which includes her art classes, workshops, seminars, studio space, etc.

Art Classes - Modest Fly offers art classes for All Ages! We have a set curriculum to help you improve within the first six months. Read more about our art classes and print out an application at our Art Class tab.

Workshops & Seminars - Modest Fly features drawing & painting workshops. Workshops are open to all artists and feature live models for 3-4 hours. Look under the Workshops tab to find out about our next event! We also hold seminars for artists and creatives. Find out more about our seminars!

Mastering Art Classes

Modest Fly Art Studio Gallery offers inspired people, of all ages, the opportunity to enlighten themselves with the many techniques of art and fine art mediums,
while still learning to conceptually admire what has already been implemented by others before our time and in the field today. Using a variety of differentmediums, we offer our students the freedom to develop their own “love of art,” which helps them, both, excel in their skillset and enjoy the process of creating art.